Wholesale Program

At Londre Bodywear, we believe in the power of community and collaboration. We've developed our wholesale program to allow us to partner with brands who reflect our values of sustainability and minimalism.

With a select group of wholesale partners (only one per neighborhood) you know your clients will be getting an exclusive opportunity to shop for Londre in-person in your store.

Interested in being part of wholesale program?


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Aside from getting to sell our sustainably and ethically made bestselling pieces, there's a few additional perks to partnering with us.


We choose our partners carefully and only plan to partner
with one wholesale account per neighborhood district, so you know
that our community will be coming straight to you.


You will have direct access to our Wholesale Program manager who can answer any questions about orders, bestselling products and can offer ample fit or style questions.


You'll gain access to competitive wholesale pricing on our bestselling products as gain exclusive access to brand new styles, colorway launches and promotional offerings.